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Amanie Pearl Veil

Designer: Blair Nadeau


The Amanie Pearl Veil is simply ethereal. Hundreds of hand applied Preciosa pearls addorn this beautiful veil, and truly make it the prettiest vintage inspired veil around! Inspired by one of our gorgeous recent brides, we couldn't wait to include this lovely veil in our new collection!

A beautiful single tier non gathered mantilla style french tulle veil is hand applied with scattered Preciosa pearls in various sizes. The crystals start out heavier and more concentrated at the top of the veil and then scatter to nothing at the bottom of the veil. 

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Product Details

  • Single tier french tulle raw cut into a stunning tapered oval shape
  • Hundreds of hand applied Preciosa in various sizes
  • Pearls start out heavy at the top of the veil and taper and scatter to nothing to the hem
  • Sewn to a metal wire comb

Available Lengths/Widths in French Tulle (Fabric as shown)

  • Ballet/Waltz - 72" Wide x 54" Long (Shown)
  • Chapel - 56" Wide x 90" Long 
  • Cathedral - 56" Wide x 108" Long 

Available Lengths/Widths in English Tulle (Our Standard Tulle)

  • Chapel - 72" Wide x 90" Long 
  • Cathedral - 72" Wide x 108" Long 

Difference between the two fabrics:

French Tulle:  This tulle is exclusive to our millinery.  Made of polyamide, this gorgeous tulle is soft, light and sheer. It has a fine knit and a light sheen that sparkles in the sunlight.  It drapes beautifully and hugs the body, but still has a bit of lightness and airiness to it that is can stand away from the body and float in the breeze.  It has natural stretch to it so it is PERFECT for Juliet cap veils.

English Tulle: This tulle is a softer sister to Illusion tulle. It is knit on century old knitting machines in England so it's authentic. It has a soft hand, but still has body to it, but hugs the body a little closer than Illusion tulle.  It is matte (no sheen) and mimics silk tulle in its finish and size of hexagon knit. Wrinkles fall out easily with a quick steam or hanging the veil for 24 hours as this tulle is made of nylon and or polyamide. This is our personal favourite tulle (and we exclusively use it on 90% of our tulle veils) 

Available Colours:

  • Ivory (Shown)
  • White

Please note that all items are made to order.

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Photography Courtesy of Whitney Heard Photography
Gowns Courtesy of Catherine Langlois
Makeup by Maya Goldenberg
Hair by Ladylyn Gool

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