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Toronto, Canada

We are Yana and Lisa, two friends who believe in skirts, fashion, and magic. Why magic? Because every time we wear nice skirts, high heels, and smile – magic happens!

We created Garderobe to be the place where you can get the perfect skirt, and the rest will come along. Whether it’s a fluffy tulle skirt or a flawless neoprene, we guarantee you will be in the limelight. If not, you can bring it back!

All our pieces are made with high quality fabrics to last a decade, not a season. We consider them little investments, because it’s incredible how just the right shade of blush can elevate your day.

Our skirts are for real girls, effortlessly chic, who want to run the world. So if you’re the one, let’s do it! Let’s fall in love! 

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