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Decolove Atelier - Terms & Conditions

All Decolove pieces may last in beauty for a long time but they also need a special treatment and caring.
Our handmade silk flowers should not get wet and be exposed to high humidity. They are not washable and we recommend spot hand cleaning if necessary, but we cannot guarantee that they will be perfect after attempting to clean them. Please handle them with care and do not set things on top of the flowers as this may wrinkle and mis-shapen them. When not used keep the flowers in the received keepsake box.
Our brass and silver headpieces are bendable and easy to adapt to many different hairstyles. But you should remember to do this in a delicate way in order not to break the hand-wired elements. We also advise you not apply any hairstyling products or perfume after you've placed them because these chemicals  may cause corrosion and cause them to loose their shine. 

All veils reach you in Decolove elegant boxes and they will probably need to be steamed before wearing. You can also mist with water and let dry. Optionally you can iron on the lowest setting and very lightly but be very careful as high temperatures can damage delicate veiling.

To keep the dust off  you can store in the box the pieces are shipped in.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


All our accessories are personalized and made to individual order so it is not possible to return them. After placing the order and determining the parameters that are indicated for selection in the product description, we proceed to its implementation. This is also the moment to share with us any doubts that we will gladly dispel, based on our long experience in working with clients. In this way, you receive an item that you are happy with. Please also note that Decolove additions are made entirely by hand and may be slightly different from those shown in our pictures. However, always the volume, form, general idea and aesthetic impressions remain the same. 

In truly exceptional situations, which we consider individually, there is the possibility of exchanging the product for another at a similar or higher price. The customer in this circumstance would be responsible for the return shipping cost and is responsible for any loss in value if we happen to receive the item back with it not in the same condition as it was sent.


Most orders are completed within a maximum of 14 business days. The only exception is modifications or creations that require us to bring in materials needed to make decorations in a custom color or size. Then, this time may be extended to 30 business days. However, it should be noted that in periods of increased interest in our accessories (holidays and wedding season), this time may be slightly lengthened. 

All inconsistencies regarding the order, related to damage to the parcel or notes to make the decoration, should be reported within 24 hours of receiving the parcel. After this date, the responsibility remains with the client. 


We are not responsible for any fees, charges, or taxes that are charged due to imports/customs. This is the responsibility of the customer to pay for.

If you have questions, please contact us!


Please ensure you take the time to read the SWF Customer Terms and Conditions which further detail our service as well as restocking fees associated with returns and refunds.

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