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We're changing the way the world shops for bridal products.

We're changing the way the world shops for bridal products.

Our Philosophy

Welcome to She Wore Flowers!

Our name comes from what we like to imagine is the first line of a timeless love letter found in an old weathered journal, reminiscing over a memory formed many years ago. The writer remembers laying eyes on his bride at the end of the aisle, and in all of her beauty, she wore flowers.

Finding the perfect items for your wedding or special occasion can be tough, and it shouldn't be so scary to shop online for your memorable day. Big marketplaces often pose a couple of problems - firstly, there are so many items to browse through, and secondly, you start to question how you can really know whether an item is truly a genuine, great quality product. Well, that's where we come in!

She Wore Flowers is a new marketplace brimming with talented, indie designers and labels from all over the world. Designers must either apply or have been personally invited to sell on SWF, so we’ve already screened for quality. Since our designer partners are chosen by us, you can rest assured that the product you receive in the mail is the one you fell in love with in the photos. We also keep our collections smaller compared to those big marketplaces. This means you can skip the time it takes to scroll through thousands of poor quality products - we’ve already narrowed your search to some of the best of the best!

We believe in supporting independent entrepreneurs, particularly, fierce hardworking women who pour their hearts and souls into their work and love what they do. Our mission is to help them shine and to provide you, the customer, with an easy-to-use platform dedicated to quality products that reflect the passion that has gone into making them. We're constantly adding new designers to contribute to SWF as well as implementing new and exciting features, so we hope you'll come along on this ride with us! Thank you for visiting and help spread the word!  

How it all works

First, you browse!

First, you visit our marketplace and browse quality, beautiful products created by indie labels from all over the world. You can rest assured that you're looking at high quality items, because we've hand picked these designers ourselves (and we're pretty picky)!

Then, you buy!

Let's say you then find one, or two (or three) items that you just love so dang much. These items are added to your cart, and you checkout with one easy-peasy payment, even if it's from multiple vendors. Depending on what you've purchased, sometimes more contact will be required with the designer who's making your item. For instance, you can imagine that if you've just bought an item of clothing (like the wedding dress of your dreams), you'll be liaising with your designer a lot more than you would for a smaller item like a pair of earrings. Each seller has different terms and conditions, and within each listing there is a link for you to review the vendor's and SWF policies.

Your order gets processed..

After payment is received and your order has been confirmed, we pass your order over to the designer and they get your item ready for shipment, keeping you posted the whole way through the process. Remember, shipping times may vary depending on the complexity and size of your order - but fear not, this will all have been visible to you in the listing pre-purchase. All the while, you have direct contact with the designer whenever you need it.

..And arrives at your door!

Once your item is prepared it will be delivered to you. If you've ordered from multiple vendors, it's very likely that your items could arrive on different days or times.

Remember, the designer you've purchased your items from is there to answer any questions you may have! If you have any other questions, we're here to help too! You can reach the SWF Team at info@sheworeflowers.com.  


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